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Meet Daisy May the Schnoodle!

Thu, March 15, 2012,

Meet Daisy May! She is a 3 year old schnoodle (schnauzer / poodle).

Daisy is as laid back as can be and loves walking with her owner Lynne around her neighborhood in Toronto, Canada, where she sure attracts some attention.

To date, she hasn't done anything too outrageous except, at Christmas time,  when Lynne bought five boxes of very expensive champagne truffles for her work colleagues and accidentally left them within schnoodle jumpable height. When she came home, all the boxes had been scratched and clawed but Daisy had only broken right through and opened Read More

Meet Teddy!

Tue, March 13, 2012,

Teddy is a real teddy-bear. A pug-shitzu cross, he loves being held, cuddled and sitting in his owner's lap. His small size doesn't get in his way when he wants a treat - he'll jump right up on a chair to get one.

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Meet Lola!

Tue, March 13, 2012,

Lola is a pug-shitzu cross. Her favorite activity is sitting with her owner, Claire, and watching movies in their Boston home. She'll do anything for a treat!

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Meet Hendrix

Sun, March 04, 2012,

Hendrix is an 8-year old Stafford-shire Terrier Cross. He was adopted by his owner Sebastian from the Toronto Humane Society.

Hendrix was brought to the Humane Society when Animal Control was called to an apartment block after residents witnessed a man beating the dog with a broom handle. Hendrix was found, abandoned, in a garbage can, with cigarette burns on his body and paws. It’s thought that his previous owner was trying to make him into a mean fighting dog, but he was just too friendly!

Hendrix is now a much happier dog Read More

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