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Meet Tenebrae

Thu, October 11, 2012,

We love this picture of a young Chihuahua! This pup is named Tenebrae, and lives in Ketchikan, Alaska. When he’s not hanging out with his owner Jordan, Tenebrae loves to kick back with some Beefeaters sweet potato fries.

You tell just from looking at the picture that this pooch knows how cute he is.

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Meet Louis

Fri, August 10, 2012,

Louis is a 3-year-old Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen, also known as a PBGV. He is from Portland, and has been living with his owner Anna since shortly after he was born.

Anna loves to take Louis on long walks in the park, and brushes his coat frequently (he’s a shedder). He’s a well-trained dog who loves to meet new people and animals; he even poses nicely for photographs.

As this photo was being taken Louis was just meeting some new friends while out on a walk.

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Meet Ginger

Fri, June 15, 2012,

Ginger is an 8-year old soft-coated wheaten terrier from Baltimore. Every morning her owners Howard and Martha find her lying down on her back in her dog bed. After a walk she loves to chase squirrels in the yard and even likes a nice bath now and again.

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Meet Maybelline

Mon, May 28, 2012,

Meet Maybelline, Morgan's one and a half your old beagle mix. Nick-named 'Maybe' for short, Maybelline was adopted from a shelter in January and now Morgan can't imagine life without her. She was a stray before meeting Morgan and she came to her with lots of nasty habits, presumably from her days on the mean streets. The two have worked really hard, and she's a clever girl who loves to learn, so her behaviour is getting better and better. Her hobbies include stealing underpants, rolling in the grass, chasing pigeons and snuggling.

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