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Foods Dogs Should Never Eat

Wed, July 11, 2012,

Look, we all love to feed our dog. After all, how can you say no to those eyes? But there are some things that your dog should absolutely not eat! The list is always evolving and changing, so what we have here should by no means be considered a full list, but here are some things NOT to feed your dog:

Chocolate: this is one of the more well-known ones. Chocolate contains theobromine and can cause vomiting, diarrhea and thirst in mild cases. In more extreme cases it can lead to abnormal heart rhythm, tremors, seizures and death. Read More

Foods Toxic to Your Dog

Sun, April 08, 2012,

Dogs will search, beg and even dig through garbage to get their paws on human food. It’s ussually okay for them to eat it once in a while, but if you suspect your dog has ingested something that is potentially harmful to them, immediately contact your vet or local 24-hour animal emergency care center.

Some products contain ingredients that can be harmful to your pet. Below is a list of foods you should avoid feeding your pooch.

Onions, Garlic and Chives

Avoid feeding your dog items containing onion, garlic and chives, even Read More

When to Make the Switch: Puppy Food vs. Adult Dog Food

Mon, March 19, 2012,

Just like humans, dogs enter different stages of their lives. During these life stages their bodies require different foods to provide the proper nutrients and vitamins needed to live a healthy life.

Although both puppy and adult dog food provide similar nutrients, they are designed with different benefits in mind. Puppy food is enriched with a much higher fat and protein percentage than adult dog food. This allows new pups to receive the nutrients they need for their growing bones, muscles, organs, and neurological system. These nutrients help in development during the early stages of life.

Read More

A Happy Holiday for your Pet

Thu, December 01, 2011,

The holidays can be a stressful part of the year. While everyone worries about getting ‘the right gifts’ and making all their holiday parties and commitments, your dog just wants to be with you and your family to share in the fun. So why not make it a special day for him or her as well?

There are so many holiday gifts for your dog, both online and at your local pet store. Gifts for Fido could be anything from a new chew toy, to a great treat to a shinny new collar he can Read More

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