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Fri, May 11, 2012,

The Puli is a unique ancient breed originating from Hungary. These dogs originally worked as sheepherders in their homeland.  Sheppard’s took a liking to this breed due to their light and agile movements, and found it easy to spot their black coat among the light colored flock. These wild haired Hungarian hounds, were once in danger of extinction. During the Second World War, the breed’s population dropped to two figures.  Dedicated breeders from around the world took the situation into their own hands, and began a controlled breeding program in order to help save the breed.

The Puli is a loyal, cheerful and lively companion. They have no problem adapting to new surroundings or circumstances and rarely ever show aggression. However, if they feel their owner’s safety is being threatened, they will let out a vocal warning. Pulis are not ideal for families with small children; they don’t like rough play or being teased. 

This breed is highly intelligent and tends to learn quickly. They excel in obedience and agility, tending to do fairly well in the show dog ring. These dogs need a pack leader, or someone to guide the way. If they feel their owner is not strong minded, they will begin to follow their own rules. Pulis enjoy having a playmate, whether it’s with their owner or another pooch. They love having a companion to play ball or roam around with.

This breed requires a daily walk and, if provided, they can live comfortably in an apartment.  They’re one of the few breeds that can easily adapt from living in a studio apartment to wide-open farmland.  Climate is also not an issue for these pups; they can live in the hot Californian heat or cold Alaskan winters.

The breed’s unique corded coat doesn’t begin to form until the age of six months. During this stage, it’s crucial to regularly separate the dog’s matted fur.  The clumps should be evenly separated by hand, starting from the tip and ending at the skin. Each section should be thicker than the width of a pencil.  This process provides great bonding time between dog and owner, and is relaxing for the pet as well.

If the coat is separated regularly, grooming is fairly easy and requires little up keep.  Bathing the Puli is no different than your average dog, however drying their fur requires more time. The best way to dry the fur is with a blow dryer, which can take up to several hours. If no dryer is available you can let it air dry, but it may take up to two days before the coat is completely dry.  Since the Puli’s coat doesn’t shed, many who are typically allergic to animals show no problems.

Although there are no major health problems associated with these dogs, many Puli breeders check their litters for hip dysplasia.  The average life expectancy of a Puli is 12 years.

Male Puli

Height: 16 to 17½ inches (41-46 cm.)   Weight: 25-35 pounds (11-16 kg.)

Female Puli

Height: 14½ to 16 inches (36-41 cm)   Weight: 20-30 pounds (9-14 kg.)

If you’d like to add one of these wild haired Hungarian pups to your home, the Puli American Club of America is the perfect place to start your search.

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