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Pop Culture Pooches: Wishbone

Mon, August 20, 2012,

In 1995 a new TV star charmed the world, a Jack Russell Terrier named Soccer. After appearing in commercials for Nike and Mighty Dog Food, Soccer landed the lead roll in a new PBS show called Wishbone.

It was a simple concept: a dog from Texas imagines that he is the lead character in classic literature. What made it sing was the execution, and this show certainly did a great job at making this a show that the whole family would enjoy. Both charming and educational, everyone enjoyed Wishbone.

Over 100 dogs auditioned for the role of Wishbone the dog, but Soccer landed it. Not only did Soccer look great in a wide variety of costumes (the show’s costume designer won an Emmy) but also he radiated personality.

The show took off, and Soccer was a bona fide star. He played Wishbone in 48 episodes (along with some other dogs who acted as stunt doubles) before retiring to a ranch in Texas with his trainer. He passed away in 2001 of natural causes but he lives on in the memories of children who were entertained by Wishbone for years.

Photo credit: Big Feats Entertainment and PBS

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