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Pop Culture Pooches: McGruff the Crime Dog

Mon, April 29, 2013,

For over 30 years, one dog has been helping us take a bite out of crime. Debuting in 1980, his name is McGruff the Crime Dog.

Created by John Young of the Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising Agency for the National Crime Prevention Council, McGruff is undeniably a corporate entity, however he is one that was made with a goal of helping people. 

McGruff is usually portrayed as a lovely Bloodhound dressed in a very detective-looking trench coat. His catch phrase is that he wants people to help him “take a bite out of crime”. Read More

Camping With Your Dog

Thu, April 25, 2013,

Summer is just around the corner and that means camping season is almost here! Dogs love many sights, sounds and smells outdoors, but before you trek into the wilderness with your dog there are some things to consider first.

- Before planning the trip make sure your camping destination allows pets as pets are prohibited in many state and national parks.

- Current shots and vaccinations should be up to date, especially rabies. Camping can also mean increased exposure to fleas, and ticks, as they are more prevalent in the woods. It’s a Read More

Best Dog Breeds For Children

Tue, April 23, 2013,

Do your children ask for a dog every chance they get? Are you finally ready to make their dreams come true, but aren’t sure where to start? Finding a dog that will fit with your family can be difficult, so we have put together a list of breeds that are known to be great with children.

Bulldogs They are built to be able to handle your kids enthusiasm and energy and will put up with a lot. Additionally they are well adapted to both small apartments and large homes. Bulldogs are known for developing strong Read More

Pop Culture Pooches: Benji

Mon, April 22, 2013,

While not quite at the level of fame of a Lassie or Rin-Tin-Tin, there is a group of people for whom even a mention of the name Benji will melt their heart. With several film and TV appearances, Benji is undeniably a big Hollywood star and has fans all over the world.

The first Benji film, simply titled Benji, was released in 1974 and was a critical and financial hit. Created by writer/director Joe Camp, the film centers on a lovable stray dog who makes friends with the people in a small Texas town. There he has Read More

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