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Thu, September 27, 2012,

When you think of a Poodle, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? It’s the haircut, right? With the pom-poms? Well, here’s the thing, not all Poodles have a haircut like that. In fact, most don’t. Let’s take a close look at Poodles and break down some of these myths.

Despite their reputations as being fancy show-dogs (which they still frequently are), Poodles were bred as retrievers and gun dogs. The breed is thought to have originated in Germany, but they were standardized in France, where Read More

Pop Culture Pooches: Two Unusual Disney Dogs

Mon, September 24, 2012,

Today we thought we’d try something a little different, and focus on two rather unusual dogs from Disney movies. Both are great classic characters that have enriched their respective movies, but are in a sort of grey area when it comes to their “dog” status. You’ll see what we mean.

Slinky Dog from Toy Story

While not technically a real dog, Slinky (or “Slink” as his friends often call him) from the Toy Story films is a toy that looks like a dog. The characters in the Read More

Zeus Breaks Record For World’s Biggest Dog

Thu, September 20, 2012,

Giant George will have to hand over the crown, there's a new king dog in town! At 7-foot-four, Zeus has set a new record for world's biggest dog. With the publication just this month of a new Guinness World Record book it is official that Zeus has beaten Giant George by a mere inch.

Zeus, the Great Dane from Michigan measures 3-foot-8 from foot to shoulder (pictures of him drinking from the sink are mesmerizing), or when standing on his hind legs he measures the aforementioned, staggering 7-foot-4.

While Zeus can be handful Read More

Pop Culture Pooches: Krypto

Mon, September 17, 2012,

Superman may be one of the world’s most popular superheroes, but dogs everywhere have their own hero to cheer on. Krypto the Superdog first appeared in DC Comics in 1955, as the dog Superman had when he was a baby. They lived together on their home planet of Krypton before the planet was destroyed. When Superman’s parents saved Superman by helping him escape in a rocket, they sent his dog to look after him.

Much like Superman, Krypto gets superpowers from Earth’s yellow sun. He has super strength, super speed, flight, invulnerability Read More

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