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Thu, August 30, 2012,

Sometimes known as the St. Hubert Hound, Bloodhounds were specifically bred to track humans. They’ve earned quite the iconic status, often shown in movies chasing down escaped convicts, but the truth is that they’re very sweet, gentle dogs.

The earliest record of the Bloodhound (and seeming origin) is from Belgium in 1000AD, where the monks of the Saint-Hubert Monastery would breed them. Every year they would send two black hounds to the King of France, a tradition that ended with the French Revolution. At this time they were known as St. Hubert Hounds. Read More

Pop Culture Pooches: Snoopy

Mon, August 27, 2012,

Snoopy is without question one of the most famous fictional dogs of the 20th century. Appearing first as a supporting character in the comic strip “Peanuts”, he slowly climbed the ladder until he eventually became its star, or at least its most iconic figure.

“Peanuts” creator Charles M. Schulz modeled Snoopy after one of his own dogs, a dog named Spike. The name “Snoopy” came from something his mother had said, that if she had another dog she would name it Snoopy (inspired by “Snuppa”, a Norwegian term of Read More

Golden Retriever

Thu, August 23, 2012,

The Golden Retriever is a majestic-looking dog. Originally bred to retrieve waterfowl that had been shot down by hunters, they were especially prized for being good at bringing back the shot-down animals without further damage.

The breed originated in Scotland in the 18th century, and was common amongst the wealthy, for whom sport hunting (especially of waterfowl) was popular at the time. Since much of the fetching had to be done from water, early retrievers were cross-bred with water spaniels, which lead to the Golden Retriever as we know it.

In addition to being a Read More

Pop Culture Pooches: Wishbone

Mon, August 20, 2012,

In 1995 a new TV star charmed the world, a Jack Russell Terrier named Soccer. After appearing in commercials for Nike and Mighty Dog Food, Soccer landed the lead roll in a new PBS show called Wishbone.

It was a simple concept: a dog from Texas imagines that he is the lead character in classic literature. What made it sing was the execution, and this show certainly did a great job at making this a show that the whole family would enjoy. Both charming and educational, everyone enjoyed Wishbone.

Over 100 dogs auditioned for the role of Read More

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