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Pop Culture Pooches: 101 Dalmatians

Mon, July 30, 2012,

The movie One Hundred and One Dalmatians holds a special place in many of our hearts. The classic film from 1961 feels as fresh and charming today as it did when it was released and it continues to charm new generations as we show it to our children. With the classic characters (who can forget Pongo and Perdita), catchy songs and lush animation it’s no wonder that the movie is so timeless. There are a few things that some people may not be aware of, though, and we thought we’d share.

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Highlighting Our Quality Control Process

Fri, July 27, 2012,

There is nothing more important to us here at Beefeaters than the safety of your dog. Our adherence to a strict set of quality control guidelines is something that we pride ourselves on and want to share with you.

We have recently updated the quality control section of our website to include more information about our products, more information about our process and a brand new video showing off one of our factories.

With that in mind, please take a look at our all-natural process.

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Don’t Forget Your Dog In An Emergency

Wed, July 25, 2012,

As you make sure that your house is prepared for an emergency, take a moment to consider your dogs as well. After all, these members of your family (resilient as they may be) can often need a hand. There are a few things you can do that can make all the difference in the world and help give you peace of mind.

One thing to consider is getting a sticker for your house that lets anyone helping you out know that there are dogs inside. offers a wide variety (although they are hardly the only Read More

Pop Culture Pooches: Rin Tin Tin

Mon, July 23, 2012,

In the pantheon of canine actors there are two names that stand above the rest: one, which we will talk about another day… and Rin Tin Tin. This German Shepherd has had an amazing life and an amazing Hollywood career, starring in twenty-three films. He was so popular that even after retirement the name was passed on other dogs could carry on the legacy in film radio and television stories.

Towards the end of World War I an American soldier by the name of Lee Duncan found a litter of puppies in bombed-out kennel in Lorraine Read More

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