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How to Treat Fleas

Wed, June 13, 2012,

Fleas are just a fact of life for pet-owners. That is not to say that every pet will get them, but it is a common nuisance and there is a good chance that outdoor pets will have to deal with this pest.

These insects have been around since the Jurassic period, and have mouthparts adapted for the purpose of piercing skin and sucking blood. There are varieties of fleas that have adapted to feed primarily on humans, dogs and cats. While each species can feed on animals other than their primary (for example, a cat flea can Read More

North America’s Largest Outdoor Dog Festival

Tue, June 12, 2012,

Have a look at what our neighbors to the North are up to! These photos were sent to us from Toronto where they are holding Woofstock, a weekend festival entirely devoted to our four-legged friends.

Since its inception in 2003 Woofstock has grown to be become the largest outdoor festival for dogs and now boasts attendance of over 300,000 people (and that’s not even mentioning the pooches)!

Visit their website for more information.

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Pop Culture Pooches: Modern Family’s Stella

Mon, June 11, 2012,

While Stella remains a divisive figure in the Pritchett/Delgado family there’s no division of opinions among the “Modern Family” audience: we all love her. After being introduced in the second season Stella quickly became a viewer favorite. But who is the dog that plays Stella?

Stella is played by French Bulldog Brigitte, who was abandoned by her adoptive family before being taken in by trainer Guin Dill. Dill works for Good Dog Animals, who auditions animals for movie and TV gigs. While Brigitte was not well-trained at the time of the audition Read More

Siberian Husky

Fri, June 08, 2012,

The Siberian Husky is perhaps most identified with the Alaska and the Yukon. Between stories of sled dog races, Robert Peary’s North Pole expeditions and the gold rush it’s no wonder we tie these dogs to this area, but in fact the breed originated in Russia, more specifically (and not surprisingly) in Siberia. They were brought over to Alaska during the gold rush and have been associated with the North American Arctic ever since.

While the black, white and gray may be considered the most iconic look for the Siberian Husky (and indeed Read More

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