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Fri, June 29, 2012,

While nobody knows for sure why the Boxer is so named there are many theories. One of the more fun theories suggests that the breed would often stand on its hind legs during play and move its front paws in a move that resembled boxing, prompting the name. (However, many dispute this theory.)

Boxers are common family dogs. They are usually friendly, intelligent animals but have a natural distrust of strangers that also makes them ideal as guard dogs. Bred in Germany from the Old English Bulldog and the now-extinct Bullenbeiser they first appeared in the late 1 Read More

Top Ten Dog Shows to See in July

Wed, June 27, 2012,

As summer rolls on so do the dog shows, all across this country. Here is our list of top ten dog shows to check out this July.

Texas Kennel Club Dallas, TX July 5, 2012 Market Hall

Ventura County Dog Fanciers Ventura, CA July 6, 2012 Seaside Park

Farmington Valley Kennel Club W. Springfield, MA July 7, 2012 Better Living Center

The Genesee Valley Kennel Club Hamlin, NY July 7, 2012 Hamlin Fireman’s Field

Holland Michigan Kennel Club Marshall, MI July 13, 2012 Calhoun County Fairgrounds

Del Monte Kennel Club Inc Carmel, CA July 14-15, 2012 Read More

Pop Culture Pooches: Beethoven

Mon, June 25, 2012,

You’ve got to love Beethoven, the 1992 family film in which a huge St. Bernard causes chaos for a family before warming their hearts. The movie is filled with big stars, like Charles Grodin, Bonnie Hunt and Stanley Tucci. But what about (arguably) the biggest star? What about the dog who played Beethoven? There’s very little known about him, and he’s not even credited in the film!

Very little is known about this fine actor. His name is Chris (sometimes called “Kris”), and he starred in Beethoven and Beethoven&rsquo Read More


Fri, June 22, 2012,

The Pomeranian, named for the Pomerania region of Central Europe, is descended from the German Spitz breed. They gained in popularity throughout the 17th century, as many royals became Pom-owners. Possibly the most influential owner of a Pomeranian was Queen Victoria, whose little Pom was so popular that the whole breed was bred smaller and the size of the breed decreased by 50%.

While Poms do not usually have any behavioral issues, they are definitely social dogs. With friendly, lively attitudes they love to be around their owners and have been known to suffer from separation anxiety. Leaving Read More

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