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Top Ten Dog Shows to See in June

Wed, May 30, 2012,

As we roll into summer the dogs will be out in full force competing in some of the hottest competitions of the year! Here is our list of top ten dog shows to see in June.

Ladies’ Dog Club Inc Wrentham, MA June 2, 2012 Crackerbarrel Fairgrounds

Contra Costa County Kennel Club Vallejo, CA June 7-10 Solano County Fairgrounds

The Greenwich Kennel Club East Norwalk, CT June 9, 2012 Taylor Farm Park

Asheville Kennel Club Fletcher, NC June 9 & 10, 2012 West North Carolina Agricultural Center

Olean Kennel Club Dunkirk, NY June 14-17, 2012 Chautauqua Read More

Meet Maybelline

Mon, May 28, 2012,

Meet Maybelline, Morgan's one and a half your old beagle mix. Nick-named 'Maybe' for short, Maybelline was adopted from a shelter in January and now Morgan can't imagine life without her. She was a stray before meeting Morgan and she came to her with lots of nasty habits, presumably from her days on the mean streets. The two have worked really hard, and she's a clever girl who loves to learn, so her behaviour is getting better and better. Her hobbies include stealing underpants, rolling in the grass, chasing pigeons and snuggling.

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Bringing Your Dog on Public Transit

Mon, May 28, 2012,

It’s a question that doesn’t even occur to most people until the situation arises: can I bring my dog on the bus? Different cities have different rules regarding this issue. For example, the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority allows for dogs less than 25 pounds to be brought on the bus in a carrier while in San Francisco both large and small dogs are allowed on but have to pay the same fare as their human companions (personally we like to imagine the dogs handing over the fare themselves).

It’s well worth Read More


Fri, May 25, 2012,

The Saluki, also known as the "Royal Dog of Egypt" is one of the world's oldest breeds of domestic dog. Images of the Saluki have appeared on Egyptian tombs dating back to 2134 BC. The breed was first brought to Europe during the crusades. They are sight hounds and traditionally travelled with nomadic desert tribes as used to hunt animals as large as gazelles!

Their silky fur comes in two varieties, smooth and feathered. The feathered texture is more common, with long fur growing on their ears, backs of their legs and tail. Their head is long Read More

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