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Golden Collar Awards Announced

Thu, January 26, 2012,

To coincide with the Oscars, the Golden Collar Awards were created by the online magazine Dog News Daily, and are set to take place on Monday, Feb. 13, at the dog-friendly Hotel Palomar in Los Angeles. (Proceeds from the event will benefit Los Angeles-area dog rescue shelters and organizations.)

Here are the 2012 nominees:

BEST DOG IN A THEATRICAL FILM COSMO as Arthur -- "BEGINNERS" (Focus Features) UGGIE as Queenie -- "WATER FOR ELEPHANTS" (Fox) DENVER as Skeletor -- "50/50" (Summit Entertainment/ Mandate Pictures) HUMMER as Dolce -- "YOUNG ADULT" (Paramount/Mandate) UGGIE as The Dog -- "THE Read More

Meet Nala the Doberman

Wed, January 25, 2012,

Nala is an amazing albino Doberman! She loves sailing with her owner Kate in North Kingstown, RI. Kate writes... Nala is a White Doberman with light blue eyes. She is strikingly deer-like in her movements. Her natural gait is more of a strut than a walk or trot, attracting a lot of attention where ever we go. I purchased her from a back-yard breeder at 10 months of age. She had spent most of that first year either kenneled in the back yard or crated in the house of her previous owner. Due to being so isolated, she had become Read More

Meet Annie the Old Field Lab

Mon, January 23, 2012,

Annie is 11, turning 12. She is a Field Labrador and her retrieving is her second love, after food. She cocks her head as you talk to her, sighs when she is cuddled, jumps into the bath tub during storms and keeps her owner Marianne on a short leash!

Read More

Your Puppy’s Health

Wed, January 18, 2012,

Raising a puppy is no simple task. On top of training and getting used to your new friend, you need to ensure that their health needs are met at this crucial life stage. The first year of your dog's life is critical to their healthy development into an adult dog.

Apart from his health, you will no doubt have financial concerns for your puppy. The puppy, apart from the cost of the dog from a breeder or shelter, will need bedding, toys and food to start out in his new home. Set aside some money for Read More

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