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Leaving Your Dog Alone During the Day

Wed, November 30, 2011,

You have to go to work or school during the day, that’s a fact. Some people are lucky enough to be able to bring their dogs to work with them, but for most city-dwellers, that simply isn’t possible.

This leaves your pooch alone in your home for a good stretch of the day. Perhaps you are lucky enough to work close to your home, in which case you can pop back at lunch and let them out, or maybe you have a friend or neighbor who can walk your dog during the day. Read More

Book Review: ‘Sammy in the Sky’ by Barbara Walsh

Tue, November 29, 2011,

There is nothing quite as heart-breaking as telling your child their beloved pet is gone. Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Barbara Walsh quickly realized there was a story to tell after watching her daughters struggle with the loss of their pet hound, Sammy. 

She paired up with celebrated American artist Jamie Wyeth to illustrate the children’s book. “Sammy in the Sky” is already selling well, and filling a hole in the market by offering parents, teachers and veterinarians a way of dealing with a child’s grief and to celebrate the life Read More

Showbiz Dogs

Mon, November 21, 2011,

Do you ever see a great dog on TV and think, ‘my dog could do that’? Well, maybe he can! Most commercial directors/producers are looking for a dog with good social skills, attention and a desire to please. That said being able to behave while off leash and in a busy set environment are a must. They also must be able to respond to special commands like “go to a mark”, “speak”, on “head down”, etc.

Some of these dogs have ‘agents’ while others are part Read More

National Dog Show Results

Mon, November 21, 2011,

Congratulations to Wire Fox Terrier ‘GCH CH Steele Your Heart’, winner of the 2011 National Dog Show! What a treat to watch this great show over the Thanksgiving holiday with our doggie friends and families. (Image Source: NBC Sports)

For more coverage of the show, click here.

Read More
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