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Meet Alfie

Sun, October 30, 2011,

This entry comes to us from Elizabeth, Wasaga Beach, ON, Canada.

I am a proud owner of a West Highland White Terrier, usually referred to as “Westies” previously having had 3 in the family, and now have a 4th one named Alfie. My first Westie (Lucky) was ‘perfect’ as in size, and all points needed for show. So with some assistance from the breeder, we showed her, and she won ‘Best in Show’, as well as ‘Best in Breed’.

I was now hooked on Westies. When Lucky left Read More

A Happy Halloween for Your Pet

Fri, October 28, 2011,

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays… Trick or treat? We say both!

Make sure it is a safe and fun holiday for your dog too: - Keep him or her on a leash and close to you if you take him out trick or treating. Even if he is usually calm, people in costumes can be very scary for dogs that do not understand there is a person underneath. - Keep him or her away from candy. It’s not good for dogs and could be very damaging to him, even poisonous. A Halloween Read More

Bringing Your Puppy Home

Tue, October 25, 2011,

Bringing your new puppy home is a very exciting day! Consider how the little guy feels in a new environment and prepare your home before he arrives to ensure it’s comfortable.

Where he lives and sleeps: Find a part of your house that can easily be closed off but is also central so that your puppy will be involved with the family. Most people prefer the kitchen, as they also tend to have tiled floors that can easily be cleaned up in the event of an accident. Make a nice ‘den’ for him Read More

Dogs and Storms

Mon, October 24, 2011,

Have you ever noticed your dog behaving oddly just before a storm even when it’s sunny? It’s not because your dog read the weather report or is physic, he is just more sensitive to atmospheric conditions than you are.

Dogs have a much more heightened sense of smell then humans so it’s possible that he has smelt the coming rain or lightning. As well your dog’s hearing is so much more sensitive than your own that it’s possible he will hear the thunder before you will. As Read More

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