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Jesse the Jack Russell Trickster

Tue, August 23, 2011,

How could we resist posting a link to this incredible dog? Jesse is a Jack Russell Terrier who’s amazing ‘Useful Dog Tricks’ video earned him fame and attention from all over the world. Jesse has since been featured in television commercials and magazines. His amazing personality keeps people coming back for more!

The Jack Russell is a small dog with a lot of energy. Because they are intelligent and very curious creatures, they require daily activity and stimulation to meet their physical, mental and emotional needs. They can make wonderful family pets and Read More

Meet Cuddles

Sun, August 07, 2011,

This entry comes to us from Maureen of Tuscan, AZ.

My first dog was named 'Cuddles' a female Pomeranian that was given to me by my mother at age seven in a desire to instill a sense of emerging responsibility.

Cuddles was white and fluffy, very intelligent, easy to train and plenty of energy. She quickly learnt basic commands, tricks and to walk off leash at my side. She came to us as she had a back curative as a result of a car accident at age two, and therefore could not be bred or Read More

Dogs in Cars

Wed, August 03, 2011,

Some dogs just love riding in cars! It’s a pretty fun way to get around and your dog gets to spend time with you too.

This is a great tribute to dogs that love riding in cars and the experience:

But just a few things to remember about taking your dog on a trip: - Always remember his safety and yours. Do not allow your dog to ride in the front seat, no matter how much they may enjoy it. It is unsafe for him, and in the event of Read More

Camping with Your Dog

Mon, August 01, 2011,

Dogs love being outside and camping is a great way of experiencing the outdoors with your family. While your family discovers the wonders of seeing the sunrise over a still lake, all the new sights and smells around them will excite your dog.

Firstly, check the location to make sure they allow dogs. Some national parks and campgrounds prohibit dogs or have strict restrictions.

As with any other trip it is important that you ensure your dog is wearing a collar at all times and that his tags are up to date. It is also Read More