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Your Dog’s Teeth

Wed, July 27, 2011,

It’s not often you take a dog to a dentist or think about a dog’s oral hygiene as part of his health plan, but it’s a key part of keeping your dog healthy. Taking care of your dog’s pearly whites will avoid illnesses as well as keep him healthy and stop bad breath.

Like dental health in humans, prevention is key. By brushing your dog’s teeth everyday, you can ensure that he keeps his beautiful smile. You can buy a dog toothpaste at a pet store or Read More

Dog Nutrition Basics

Tue, July 12, 2011,

Your dog’s health is heavily reliant on what you feed him. As dogs are natural scavengers, they won’t make ‘healthy’ choices on their own and thus rely on you to provide them with a healthy and balanced diet. Luckily, your dog’s nutritional needs can usually be met by feeding him a good quality commercial dog food and water. Of course, they’ll appreciate it if you throw in some treats and special goodies every once in a while!

Protein: Your dog needs protein for bodily functions such as Read More